Deleting a Shared Workstation Template

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1.On the “Dashboard” page select “Workstation Templates.”



2. If the template is shared, you will need to remove the sharing rights with all users before deleting the template. If you try to delete the template before removing the share, you will see the following message:


3.Select the “Share template” icon to see the users who you have shared this template with.

4.Select the “Delete” Icon.


5.You will be prompted to delete sharing permissions. Select “Yes, Remove it!” to remove sharing.


Note: You should notify the users before removing permissions so that they can export any data before it is lost. Once you remove sharing permissions, the shared user will NOT be able to access anything they had saved to their Instance. 

6.The shared template has now been deleted. The users the template was shared with will no longer see the template on their Workstation Template page.

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