Creating Workstation Templates

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1.From the Dashboard page select Workstation Templates

2. Click on the Add Workstation Template button

3. Region: Use the Dropdown box to select the region in which you would like to create the template

4. Click on the Next Step Button

5. Instance Type: Use the Drop Down Box to select an Instance Type.

Note: If using Teradici (PCoIP) select the box below the Instance types to show updated pricing and images for PCoIP use

6. Click on the Next Step Button.

7. AMI: use the dropdown box to select an AMI (Amazon Machine Image).

Note: In this example we have selected the “ET DCV v16.1 Baseline” AMI. All of the images are Windows Server 2019 images that work like Windows 10.  Pick an AMI that best suits your starting point.  You can customize it from there.

8. Click on the Next Step Button

9. EBS Volume Size: to deterimine the EBS (Elastic Block Store) volume size, enter the size (gigabytes) you would like to have for the C Drive in the virtual workstation.

Note: A minimum recommended size would be 200 GB

10. Click on the Next Step button.

11. Other Details: In this section you must fill in both the template Name and Description in order to move on to the next step.

Note: You can either create a new virtual workstation instance at this stage, or later on

12. Once the form has been completed, click the Next Step button.

13. Review & Submit: This section allows you to view the details of your submission.  If everything is correct, click the Submit button. A dialog box will then appear indicating that the submission has been saved.

The new workstation template should now be listed on the Workstation Templates page.

If you opted to create a new instance as part of the template wizard, you can now see that instance listed on your Dashboard.

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