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Defeat the Big Data Bottleneck

High-end digital content creators have serious computing needs – rendering can take endless hours of processing time, collaboration with other artists is difficult, and maintaining MPAA and studio content security standards throughout the process is a major challenge.

Big operations with dedicated IT departments, data centers, and massive capital investments have the resources to manage these – but what about everyone else?

We’ve leveled the playing field.

Eclipse Tech solves this bottleneck by providing high performance computing power on demand from anywhere in the world. Through our cloud-based portal, you can order up all the processing power you’ll need on a given project.


Absolutely. Using our system, you can reduce your rendering times and let us handle your IT, storage, software, and security needs. Studies show that content creators spend up to 30% of their time managing their IT issues – time that would be much better spent doing what you do best.

Turn your studio into a world-class digital content creation facility – all while saving time, money, and effort.

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Benefits for Professionals

  • Greatly reduced hardware costs.
  • Reduce your IT workload.
  • Work from remote locations.
  • Ability to scale your processing and storage to meet project demands.
  • Only pay when your resources are running.
  • World class security allows you to protect your valuable digital content assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will your product do?

Our product is a cloud-based content creation software solution that handles all of your computing needs, whether you’re an educational institution teaching digital content creation or a professional artist. All you have to do is securely connect to our platform and we’ll take over from there, providing scalable computing power and data storage from anywhere in the world.

Do I need to buy a fancy new computer to work on your system?

  • Not at all! You can access all of our services using the computer you’re working on now. That means no need for costly upgrades or maintenance — we provide all of your processing and storage needs.
  • And if your needs change from project to project? No problem! Everything is fully scalable to meet your changing needs.

OK, so what does this all cost?

  • For Educational Institutions, we will tailor your subscription to your needs to accommodate changing enrollments. There is a monthly subscription fee for the institution and each student (don’t worry, it’s small!), plus an affordable hourly rate for the computing time you and your students use.
  • For Professional Artists, it’s a similar deal. You pay a small monthly subscription fee for access, and then an hourly rate just for the time you use.

Will my data be safe?

Absolutely! Besides having multiple backups in various locations, we have world-class security for your data and account authentication. Our cybersecurity team has extensive experience working on world-class security systems that will keep your data absolutely secure.

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