GIS, Mapping & Big Data

Is your computer struggling to run Hadoop? Does layering metadata take forever? Is working with big data and data visualization too frustrating?

You don’t need to continually upgrade your computer systems to stay up to speed — with Eclipse Tech, you can manage all of your big data and rendering needs with easily customizable cloud computers.

With Eclipse Tech, you can:

  • Create and share templates among team members
  • Use our storage solutions to allow remote and distributed team members to work from the same files at multi-gigabit speeds
  • Access virtual workstations with multiple 4K monitors and lossless color (H.264 444) with Teradici PCoIP Technology
  • CPU rendering with up to 64 Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors
  • GPU rendering with up to NVIDIA Tesla T4 or AMD Radeon Pro V520 cards
  • No set up fees, pay only for what you use

Choose the software you use

Supported applications include:

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