Eclipse Tech Portal v2.0 Now Available

By March 26, 2020 November 6th, 2020 No Comments

We have gone live with another major release of the Eclipse Tech portal! This v2.0 update once again incorporates feedback from our users. Thank you for helping us make a great product even better.

What’s new in the v2.0 release?

The biggest update in the v2.0 release is with the virtual workstation templates. It is now possible to share a virtual workstation template with another user. Any virtual workstations that other users create from the shared template will be billed back to the user’s account that shared the template. This allows a single point of billing for small professional groups and/or educational institutions.

We have now added controls for a user that shares a template to be able to stop or delete any virtual workstations created from a template they shared. This helps control potential run away costs. Shared templates can also be unshared.

Our billing statements are now even easier to read. We have separated the individual users into their own lines with subtotals (The subtotals only show up on statements for users that have a shared workstation template with another user or users). This update also includes updated baseline images and additional images with more software options.

We have also added the ability to change the virtual workstation configuration once the workstation has been created. For example, if you created an initial workstation with 4 CPUs and later needed 32 CPUs, you can reconfigure the workstation with a few simple clicks in the web portal. Later on, if you decide you no longer need 32 CPUs, you can simply return to the 4 CPU configuration to reduce costs.

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