Eclipse Tech Platform Version 4.0

By April 17, 2021 January 10th, 2022 No Comments

Eclipse Tech recently announced the new 4.0 version of their platform. The new upgrades give users access to a number of new features that increase bandwidth, cut costs and make their already tailored solutions even easier to use.  

Eclipse Tech has streamlined the virtual workstation creation and management process with an easy to use platform that can be set up in a matter of minutes.  The company’s goal is to continually simplify the cloud workstation process and provide an easy to use product that gives users anytime, anywhere access.

The new 4.0 version aims to give users even more control by now allowing the creation, and management of LucidLink Filespaces directly in the Eclipse Tech web portal. On the back end, the LucidLink Filespace cloud storage can be hosted by either AWS S3 or Wasabi and then mapped as a drive letter in Eclipse Tech virtual workstations. According to CTO Ben Campbell, “This new integration allows users to operate directly on data in S3 buckets without the need to copy the data to their workstation first. It also introduces a lot more flexibility for sharing data and working collaboratively.”  

In addition to the Intel/Nvidia virtual workstations currently offered by Eclipse Tech, the platform will now feature virtual workstations with AMD EPYC processors with AMD Radeon Pro V520 GPUs. With the AMD virtual workstations users can realize a 45% better price performance over the Intel / Nvidia virtual workstations. 

Finally, Eclipse Tech’s baseline virtual workstations now utilize the AWS newly announced gp3 (general purpose 3) Elastic Block Storage volume type. This offers an incredible 200% increase in disk IOPS and bandwidth in the virtual workstations.

While these are just a few of the new features that come with the announcement of the new 4.0 launch Eclipse Tech CEO Tom Mabey reports that there is still more to come. “We are thrilled with the growth and progress over the past year. The 4.0 launch brings a lot of features to our platform that users have been asking for. We strive to incorporate our user’s feedback into our solution and work hard to make sure we’re getting things right.”

Eclipse Tech celebrated its new product with a virtual launch party where CEO Tom Mabey and CTO Ben Campbell spoke about new and upcoming products and features currently in development. The launch also included breakout sessions with a number of Eclipse Tech partners including Adobe, Wasabi and LucidLink. The sessions covered a number of topics including video production workflows and the rapid movement of shifting work to the cloud.