Eclipse Tech 2021: Year in Review

By January 8, 2022 January 11th, 2022 No Comments

What a busy year! While the pandemic seems far from over, we are happy to see that 2021 has brought people back to somewhat of a normal routine again. As various safety precautions remain in place for many employers and education institutions, We have found that the shift to remote work and remote learning has become a more permanent solution for people as they look to the future. 

Cloud computing continues to play a major role in opening the doors to new possibilities and new options when it comes to working remotely. Here at Eclipse Tech we continue to work hard to streamline the process of working in the cloud by providing clients with the very best tools available for remote work. This year our development team added a number of new features and upgrades to our products, while our marketing team has found success and growth in new targeted markets. Our company is always looking for new ways to improve and continues to innovate and grow at a rapid pace. 

Some of this year’s highlights include:

  • Eclipse Tech 4.0 LAUNCH – We launched the new 4.0 version of their platform in April. The new upgrade gives users access to a number of new features that increase bandwidth, cut costs, and make their already tailored solutions even easier to use.
  • 24 HOUR COLORIST MIXER – CTO Ben Campbell and Director of Cloud Solutions Jeff Olm presented at the 24 Hour Colorist Mixer talking about the benefits of using a virtual machine, rather than the more expensive conventional Mac or PC sitting on your desk at home.
  • AWS ISV PROGRAM – We Joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program.  The partnership gives Eclipse Tech access to a number of AWS programs that will allow both parties the ability to create a more optimized solution for its customers.
  • BREAKFAST ROUND TABLE AT HPA RETREAT – Director of Cloud Solutions, Jeff Olm hosted a breakfast roundtable at the Hollywood Production Alliance Remote Retreat. Olm talked about working Remotely, grading, editing and creating VFX with Virtual Machines in the Cloud. Olm also showcased the Eclipse Tech Virtual Workstation solutions with AWS S3 and Wasabi S3 storage with LucidLink.  In addition, he shared his own experience using the VFX workflow for the HPA supersession Lost Leederhosen 2 (Dubai and London projects) which was done remotely using the Eclipse Tech Cloud Solution from Jeff’s home office in Wisconsin.

At Eclipse Tech we are excited for 2022 and all that it has to offer. We already have a number of exciting ideas and new projects in the works for the upcoming year as we continually strive to provide customers with easy, affordable, and dependable solutions for working in the cloud. 

We express appreciation for our employees, our partners and our clients who all play a key role in the success of this company.  We thank you for your continued support and wish you all a very happy new year.  

Tom Mabey
Eclipse Tech CEO/Founder