Catch Our Latest Presentation at the 2020 Colorist Mixer!

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Catch Our Latest Presentation at the 2020 Colorist Mixer!  

In case you missed it! Eclipse Tech’s Ben Campbell and Jeff Olm were presenters at this year’s first ever virtual 2020 Colorist Mixer. The Colorist Mixer was the first 24 hour, international mixer, and had over 600 attendees this year. The online mixer, held in December, covered a wide variety of industry topics including: filmmaking, color science, newest updates in technology and working in the cloud. 

In their presentation titled, “Working Remotely? Grading, Editing, & Creating VFX with Virtual Machines in the Cloud,” Olm and Campbell walked us through how to use powerful workstations to bring workflow to the cloud. Olm, who is also a professional colorist, talked about his experience grading an entire feature film in the cloud. The film titled 18khz has gone on to win several awards. In addition, attendees of the session were also the first to hear about Eclipse Tech’s exciting new partnerships with both Wasabi and LucidLink!

To watch the live session

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Finally, you will be directed to the Colorist Mixer video recordings. Scroll down to find Jeff and Ben’s presentation titled: “Working Remotely? Grading, Editing, & Creating VFX With Virtual Machines In The Cloud.”