Eclipse Tech – Barry Goch Case Study

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In March of 2021, Barry Goch, creative conform editor and graphic artist for the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Retreat, was tasked with working on the main title and credits to the Film Neo-Bedouin, directed by Abeer Abdullah in Dubai. Like many others during the Covid-19 pandemic, Goch was working on the film from his home office. Goch found that his 11 year old Macbook Pro 17” laptop did not have enough horsepower to render the credits of the film. Goch had seen a demo of the Eclipse Tech virtual machine, and decided to reach out to his colleague at Eclipse Tech, Jeff Olm, to see if Eclipse Tech could provide assistance.  Using the Eclipse Tech portal, Goch was able to quickly set up a virtual machine in the cloud, with instant access to much needed additional resources. Goch chose a 16 CPU virtual workstation with an Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU which had 16 GB of RAM. The new CPU configuration worked flawlessly, eliminated hardware and software issues, and allowed Goch to complete his project in just a few hours.



Goch was getting a download speed of about 100 mbps and upload speeds of about 12 mbps.  Goch was attempting to use an Adobe After Effects template, but his laptop lacked enough horsepower to perform the request.  “I was at a standstill with creating the motion graphics and credits for the HPA Tech Retreat Dubai short,” Goch said, “I needed a quick ‘power-up’ and Eclipse Tech provided an easy-to-use cloud computing solution so I could finish the project. The Teradici PCoIP technology made working in the cloud a breeze.”





Eclipse Tech was able to provide multiple options of cloud based virtual workstations that were able to match the high-performance requirements needed by Goch to complete the graphics for the short film. Also provided was the use of Emmy Award Winning, Teradici PCoIP® technology virtual workstations at 4k resolution @ 30 fps.

Olm helped Goch set up a 16 CPU virtual workstation with an Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU which had 16 GB of RAM. According to Olm, “the Eclipse Tech solution is an essential tool when working with large format media like 8K.” Goch was then able to transfer the After Effects project file from his local computer over to the much stronger cloud machine, allowing him to render and modify the film without any problems. 



The Eclipse Tech platform provided a quick and innovative solution that was easily tailored to fit Goch’s individual situation.  The cloud-based content  creation software not only handled big data solutions, but also offered scalable computing power and data storage from anywhere in the world.  Using Eclipse Tech’s services provided Goch with the following benefits:

  • Rapid set up
  • Reduced rendering time
  • Higher transfer Speeds
  • The ability to collaborate 
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Increased interactivity
  • Eliminated the need to upgrade or buy a new laptop

Overall Goch was very pleased with his experience at Eclipse Tech.  He said, “having this metered model to turn on and use as you need, it is better than shopping all day for some computer and having it sent to you. Having instant access to a computer with as many CPU’s and as much storage as you want was a huge deal.”