Architecture & Construction

Is working in Revit grinding your computer to a halt? Is sharing 3D models or engineering diagrams with customers a slow and painful process?

Eclipse Tech can help manage all of your architecture and construction rendering — as well as your file sharing — with easily customizable cloud computers.

With Eclipse Tech, you can:

  • Create and share templates among team members
  • Use our storage solutions to allow remote and distributed team members to work from the same files at multi-gigabit speeds
  • Access virtual workstations with multiple 4K monitors and lossless color (H.264 444) with Teradici PCoIP Technology
  • CPU rendering with up to 64 Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors
  • GPU rendering with up to NVIDIA Tesla T4 or AMD Radeon Pro V520 cards
  • No set up fees, pay only for what you use

Choose the software you use.

Supported applications include:

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